Compliance Development

Your approach to compliance defines your business and its potential

Your compliance impacts on every area of your business so it is important to get it right.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have systems and controls which need adapting, our team will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need and deliver a balanced regulatory compliance framework which suits your business plans, ambitions and culture.

The Compliance Suite of Documentation


The Regulatory Business Strategy and Plan


Employee Training and Awareness


Anti Money Laundering (AML) framework, procedures and controls


Anti-financial crime framework


Compliance monitoring


Corporate Governance and Senior Management Systems and Controls


Risk Management framework


Financial Controls policies


Wider Compliance Framework to cover all areas of financial regulatory compliance

Our Regulatory Compliance Approach

No Headline Pricing

We tell you exactly how much the total project will cost and commit to it.
The only time we’ll change the price is to reduce it if the amount of work turns out to be less than we anticipated.

This means that you know exactly how much to budget at outset and so can be confident in your cashflow planning.

Diagnostic Analysis Included

All our development projects start with a diagnostic analysis to properly review your existing set up and identify what’s needed. This makes sure you fully understand the gaps, options and actions that are required.

This gives you complete control and also enables you to revise the project scope at this point to reduce costs or speed up deliverables if it’s appropriate for your business.

Employee Development Included

We work in partnership with your in-house team, ensuring their understanding and developing their knowledgebase and skill set in the process of delivering the required frameworks, controls, processes, procedures and documentation.

Telephone and email support included

Telephone and email support is included in our prices so you can ask for advice as often as you need without worrying about spiraling costs.

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Examples of Compliance Development

Your Regulatory Business Plan defines your business from a regulatory compliance perspective and is fundamental to defining your framework and controls.

Our Team have assisted more emoney and payments firms than any other specialist consultancy and will help you to identify and understand the key aspects of your Regulatory Business Plan and how these will go on to influence your Compliance framework.

It’s critical that your AML framework is structured correctly for your business. Too onerous and it will limit your business growth, reduce client take on and significantly increase cost and time of client onboarding. Too loose and your business risks penalties and enforcement action – and so do key employees and business leaders.

Our experienced team not only assist your team in defining the correct, balanced AML strategy and procedures for your business, they also share their experience to enrich the knowledge and approach within your business.

Not only do we take the time to understand your business plans and activities, we also ensure we understand your appetite for risk.

We use this understanding within the development of your Risk Management procedures and all other elements of your compliance framework to make sure that you are truly in control of this area of your business.

Appropriate oversight is fundamental to maintaining control of your business and making sure that your compliance is effective and working in partnership with your ambitions and approach.

Our Team will help you define an appropriate framework for your governance to ensure the appropriate information, oversight and reporting is available to keep you on track.