Launching a new business in Europe or the US?

Experienced specialists can help you through every step.

Setting up a regulated e-money or payments business in a new region can be a daunting task.

Developing a successful and comprehensive business strategy that encompasses all aspects from legal processes and financing, to marketing, product development and compliance, can seem overwhelming.

As the market leading specialist consultancy for over 10 years, Neopay has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing challenges and issues faced by modern businesses in payments and e-money.

Supporting you in growing your business

Partnering with fintech and financial services experts, FN1X Limited, we take the pain out of developing and expanding your business, whilst supporting your operations to ensure you remain confident in your compliance and business strategy.

FN1X Limited

FN1X has over 20 years’ experience in delivering excellence across the ever-changing landscape of fintech and financial services. Working on programmes from inception and product definition, right through to execution and launch, FNIX have a deep understanding of the hurdles Programme Managers face and what’s required to ensure a smooth and efficient programme launch.

Why work with us?

We’ve guided more issuers and payment institutions to successful authorisation than any other industry specialist

100% success rate in gaining authorisation for our customers

We support clients in the UK, Europe and across the US and Canada

Tailored and bespoke services and solutions for your business

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