The European Union and UK

Brexit is changing the shape of the payments and e-money sector in Europe. Prior to the referendum, by far the majority of EU firms were located in the UK, but now firms are looking at other jurisdictions and having to consider dual authorisations to operate across Europe.

As a result of this, Neopay has transformed its operations so that our clients can continue to obtain the same market leading expertise across the EU. Using our unparalleled experience of European authorisation and compliance, we have formed new relationships with regulators, partners and government departments in other EU countries, enabling us to support our clients whatever their needs and Brexit plans.

We also support clients in forming their Brexit contingency plans and assist new entrants in identifying the best route to market taking account of the uncertainty over Brexit. Because of this, our clients are able to move forward with their plans and generate revenue despite the current political situation.

The United States

Neopay US assists firms looking to expand into the US as well as existing US operators.

The majority of payments and e-money (stored value) firms in the US operate through sponsor banks, rather than becoming licenced in their own right. We work with these banks and their clients, helping to speed up the onboarding process and therefore revenue generation, for firms. We also provide auditing to help banks and operators remain compliant.

If you are looking to become licenced yourself, we also help firms navigate the complexities of Federal and State licencing. From helping them define their best route to market and identifying appropriate third-party firms, to obtaining the required licences.

Other Jurisdictions

We specialise in assisting e-money and payment firms in the UK, EU and US. However, we also provide limited support to our clients who are looking to expand elsewhere. Providing an overview of requirements and licencing processes, helping to identify local advisors and assisting in the development of some of the required regulatory frameworks and procedures, we are able to help steer firms through these critical developments.

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