Regulatory & Planning Workshops

At Neopay we often use workshops within our projects as a means of guiding our clients and expediting developments.  Our workshops tend to be held with the Senior Management of the client organisation and are specifically designed according to the needs of the client and project.

Workshops are a particularly useful tool for new ventures and within authorisation projects.  We may, for example, suggest a Risk Management workshop to discuss the different approaches to Risk Management and assess the client’s appetite for risk.  This speeds up the development of their Risk Management and Controls Framework whilst also ensuring the client remains fully in control and that the resulting framework fits the needs of their business culture and plans.

Another instance where workshops are commonly used to deliver quick progression within a project is at the initial business planning stage.  We provide information and guidance on the different options available to the client enabling them to decide the best route to market accounting for their future development plans.  We also help in the identification of additional requirements, for example potential service providers or the need for any specialist personnel. From this workshop, we produce a detailed roadmap and project plan as well as defining the required elements of the regulatory business plan.

Examples of Our Workshops

  1. Forming a Regulated Business: Strategy and Planning
  2. Regulatory Business Plan Development
  3. The Application Process, Regulator Expectations and Maintaining Authorisation
  4. Risk Management and Corporate Governance
  5. Systems and Controls including Financial Crime
  6. Supporting Policies and Controls including Bribery and Corruption, Treating Customers Fairly and Complaints Handling, Regulatory Training and Reporting