Reliable, balanced and scalable compliance is the key to thriving in e-money and payments.

Businesses operating in this market often need a range of support to enable them to maintain the appropriate compliance to thrive. From increasing the capability and capacity of their compliance teams to independent audit requirements of third parties, and ad-hoc support work to increase expertise on a project or regulatory matter, Neopay offers a range of solutions for firms.

All of our consultants are experienced industry professionals, focussed on the practicalities and operational needs of businesses. As a market leader, Neopay brings objectivity and specialist expertise taking a risk-based approach to regulation and its application. Using our experience and in-depth knowledge, we are able to steer your business to the most effective outcome.

Ongoing Support- Virtual Compliance Service

It is a tough job being a compliance manager in the e-money and payment services industry. With regulations and market conditions evolving rapidly, it is not easy to keep informed, evaluate changes and keep track of day-to-day business.

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Auditing is an essential tool in the maintenance of comfortable compliance frameworks. We provide a detailed review of your business and make sure you understand any gaps and risks.

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Employee Training

As well as being a legal necessity, good employee training is essential to ensure you remain compliant and also to reduce fraud and other business risks.

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Ad-hoc Support

Many authorised firms also need additional support and advice at times. No firm can afford to have the range of internal compliance expertise to cover every eventuality.

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