Reliable, balanced and scalable compliance is the key to thriving in
e-money and payments.

Businesses in payments and e-money often need a range of support to maintain the appropriate operational compliance to thrive. Neopay offers a range of services specifically designed for these businesses, to increase the capability and capacity of compliance teams and increase specialist expertise.

All of our consultants are experienced industry professionals, regulatory experts focused on the practicalities and operational needs of businesses. As a market leader, Neopay brings objectivity and specialist expertise taking a risk-based approach to regulation and its application. Using our experience and in-depth knowledge, we are able to steer your business to the most effective outcome.

Virtual Compliance Service for continuous collaboration and support

Our Virtual Compliance Service (VCS) is a unique, cost effective way of ensuring your company is up-to-speed on its compliance obligations so you can focus on running a profitable business.

Designed to work as an integral part of your compliance function, this service provides support when and where it is needed, allowing you to benefit from dedicated expertise at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Save money on gaining expert advice on regulatory matters

Reduce risks of enforcement action and other business issues

Be prepared for changes to legislation and supervisory approach

Third party audits for support with your client management

If you offer white-labelled or outsourced regulated services to your clients, you rely on them to abide by the appropriate controls and frameworks.

We provide support to banks, payment service providers, authorised e-money issuers and deposit takers, and technology and platform providers, helping them ensure their clients are compliant whilst also accelerating the on-boarding process.

We also offer regular auditing to ensure your clients remain compliant along with additional guidance to further improve on-boarding and client management, increasing client retention and protecting your reputation.

Through this service, our team support you in maintaining the quality of your business and provide peace of mind that your clients are complying with your requirements.

Internal Audits for support with your
operational compliance

Regular audits aren’t just essential to ensure that your business remains compliant; our audits also highlight areas where your compliance processes have become too restrictive and onerous. In this way, we not only protect you from risk of enforcement action and penalties, but also increase the effectiveness of your compliance, raising profitability.

Every audit is different; the needs and concerns of the business dictate the breadth and scrutiny needed. Your Neopay colleagues will ensure that your audit meets your business requirements.

We will then deliver detailed findings, based upon the risks and priorities of your business. We will take time to ensure that you and your colleagues understand the findings and the options available, to rectify any issues.

Merchant Onboarding

Leveraging our industry experience in compliance and regulation, along with client feedback, we established 123signed – a fully automated client onboarding solution.

Our 123signed technology provides near real-time verification of personal or corporate data with integrated KYC, KYB, PEP, sanctions, credit score, web monitoring, reputational risk and biometric verification.

Reduced onboarding time

For more information on how 123signed can support your business and reduce your overhead cost of in-house compliance and risk, click here.

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